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    The holidays are a time for celebration and fun, but they may also take a lot of preparation and can be daunting for many of us.  From buying and wrapping presents to decorating and organizing the home, the to-do list can feel endless.  Here are some tips on how to get your home in top shape for the holiday season.  

Add some cheer to each room
     Holiday decor doesn’t have to mean displaying ornaments, wreaths and reindeer in every room.  The festive feeling can come together in any room with just two to three simple touches.  Bright area rugs and cushion covers, festive florals and centrepieces can give an entire room a lift.  You can also rotate these items throughout your home to give it a refresh throughout the season.  Also adding one or two new items each year can make your home feel and look different each holiday season.  

Get Guest Ready
      Add that special touch in your guest room, if you are anticipating guests staying over this holiday season.  From towels to scented candles, that special detail will go a long way to guests feeling welcome and enjoying their stay.  Keep your house fresh and smelling great.  There are many homemade aromatherapy recipes on the internet that includes items that you already have in your pantry like cinnamon sticks, lemons and oranges that when boiled add a beautiful fragrant to the house that lasts for a long time.  

Freshen up for the Holidays
​     As much as we love unboxing holiday decor and furnishings each year, the musty, stale smell can sometimes be unpleasant.  The first thing to do is wash and freshen up everything from linens and table runners to holiday throws and cushions.  A quick wash or tumble in the dryer with fabric softeners or sheets goes a long way to making them look and smell great the entire holiday season.

<![CDATA[Advice for New Homeowners]]>Mon, 30 Oct 2017 18:46:05 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/advice-for-new-homeowners                                             ​Advice for New Homeowners

     If you’ve just bought a new home, chances are that you’ve had to go through many steps to
get there. A mortgage approval, tours of different neighborhoods and sales centres, and meetings
with real estate agents and lawyers. Once you move in, there’s the unpacking, the painting and
decorating, and probably a few trips to the local hardware store. Before you get settled, here’s
some essential advice to help make sure you continue to take the right steps towards a positive
homeownership experience.
Make Sure to Inspect your Home Carefully
     The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is a critical first step that all new home buyers in Ontario
must take. It represents the first opportunity for buyers to view their home in its completed state
and thoroughly assess its condition. More than a quick tour, the PDI is a chance to carefully take
stock of anything that’s damaged, incomplete, missing, or working improperly. It’s also the time
to learn how to maintain the home. Take pictures of any defects that you notice. They may be
useful later if you make a warranty claim.
Pay Attention to your Warranty Coverage
     Every new home built in Ontario comes with warranty coverage provided by the builder, and
backed by Tarion. In addition to deposit coverage and delayed closing compensation, there are
also 3 separate warranties on new homes. These warranties cover the home for certain defects in
work and materials, substitutions of items agreed to in the purchase agreement, violations of the
Ontario Building Code, and coverage for major structural defects. Your builder should provide
you with a Homeowner Information Package before you take possession with detailed information
about the warranty.
Be on Time-the Warranty Doesn’t Wait
     As soon as you take possession of your new home, register for MyHome-Tarion’s online
warranty portal. The service allows homeowners to securely submit warranty forms, supporting
documents such as pictures, and view official correspondence. Tarion will also send you
automatic email alerts so that you don’t miss any important deadlines. Timing is essential when
submitting warranty forms and missing a deadline can jeopardize a claim.
Keep It Looking (and Feeling) Fine
     Regular maintenance doesn’t just ensure your home stays in good condition it also helps keep
your warranty intact. Any issues that arise in your home that are the result of improper maintenance
will not be covered under the warranty. To ensure that your home and home warranty remain
protected, fit regular maintenance into your schedule.
     Owning a new home is a significant accomplishment, but it also comes with great responsibility.
​ More information, tips and resources are available online at Tarion.com.]]>
<![CDATA[Redecorate With Today's Top Trends]]>Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:41:52 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/redecorate-with-todays-top-trends                                                  Redecorate With Today’s Top Trends

  Get some design motivation to achieve your home decor goals by checking out some of the key trends being seen in homes right now.

Colour.  Vibrant, rich hues to keep homes warm and lively are in for fall.  Tawny port, the colour of your favourite decadent red wine, adds instant sophistication in accessories like throw pillows.  Russet gold, grenadine, emerald and neutral grey are other on trend seasonal shades.

Furniture.  Stay fresh and current with the mix and match aesthetic that allows you to combine your favourite styles.  Repurpose one or two vintage pieces and combine with contemporary pieces that have added features like hidden storage.

Patterns & Textures.  Scandinavian style and the ever-popular hygge lifestyle are even more appealing as the weather cools down and we transition into winter hibernation mode.  Incorporate it in your space with fuzzy blankets, natural materials and comfy pillows in a palette of calming neutrals.  For patterns, look for traditional prints like gingham and herringbone in soft fabrics.

Accents.  Shelf and table arrangements that look ready to show off on social media are what to aim for.  Decorate with succulents, brass or stainless steel candle holders, vases and woven mats or baskets.  

Smart Design.  As technology advances and we spend more time on our devices, homeowners are looking for easy interconnectivity and convenience.  Imagine being able to open or close your window shades, setting your thermostat higher or lower or even seeing who is at your front door without being home.  All this from the convenience of your phone at any location.  This miracle of technology provides ease, comfort and security at your fingertips.  

<![CDATA[Tips for Room Design]]>Mon, 18 Sep 2017 15:08:39 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/tips-for-room-design                                                     Tips for Room Designs

    No matter what type of room designs you choose, there are tools of the design trade which are used to create a finished and sharp look to each room.  Learn about these tools below, and you will soon be on your way towards creating new designs that you will love for years to come.  

Maximize the Room’s Space:  Incorporate space saving features into the room which will help you to achieve a clean and uncluttered look.  Look for furniture such as coffee table, end table, beds and even sofa or chairs which include hidden cabinets in their design; install a few shelves as well if you have decorative items you want to display in the room.

Let the Space Flow:  Create furniture arrangements in a circular pattern which invite traffic to flow in and around the room.  Stay away from any type of obstacle arrangements which can stop traffic.  Positioning your furniture in an inviting manner will also create wide open spaces in your room which can make a room look larger and more welcoming.

Use Contrasts:  Contrasting features in room designs are pleasing to the eyes, add dimensions to the room and break up similar color patterns.  Add a picture with a brighter color, throw pillows that have contrasting tones or spice up a room with bright green plants.  You can also create contrast with shapes or patterns - for example, using a plain square window treatment in a room with a circular couch or picking a round fabric light cover in a room with square furnishings.  Whatever types of contrasts you choose to use, just use them sparingly.  Decorative contrasts are a lot like spicy peppers used in a main dish - a little goes a long way.

Create Effects with Color Tones:  In addition to contrasts, using color tones properly will give a room added depth.  As a rule, lighter shades of color should be used on the walls and floors; these lighter tones will make up the majority of the color in the room.  Use matching medium color shades for furnishings or large decorative pieces in the room, and then ‘pepper’ the room with just a few smaller pieces which are darker in color.

    Room designs which use varied color tones should break up these tones in the arrangement of the room as well; for example, arrange a darker piece in a light area of the room, and use lightly colored pieces to brighten corners of the room which are dark.  

<![CDATA[Maximize Your Productivity With a Stylish Home Office]]>Tue, 05 Sep 2017 18:41:00 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/maximize-your-productivity-with-a-stylish-home-office                               Maximize Your Productivity With a Stylish Home Office

    Creating an inviting home office that helps increase productivity without compromising on great style can be a daunting task.  Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Colour and Design Expert, shares tips on how to achieve the perfect balance of function and style.

    Stay colourful from nine to five.  When choosing paint colours for a home office, Grech points out that it is important to consider the time of the day you will be spending most of your time in the space.  This will really help you choose the right colour for the room.  Bold, dark colours will work especially well in an office environment, provided the office is well lit with overhead as well as task lighting.

    Get inspired with accessories.  Create an inspirational space that really gets your creative juices flowing.  Choose a few of your favourite decorative pieces, pictures or motivational typography art to accent the space.  “You want to create a workspace that feels happy, peaceful and buzzes with positive energy,” says Grech.  “Select items that will get you motivated and help you stay in a productive frame of mind.”  Find more information at www.benjaminmoore.ca.

<![CDATA[Top 5 Summer Home Security Tips]]>Mon, 21 Aug 2017 17:42:04 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/top-5-summer-home-security-tips                                             Top 5 Summer Home Security Tips

    Most of us look forward to getting out of the house to enjoy the sun and warm weather.  However, when planning your summer vacation or gearing up for a sunny weekend getaway, it’s important to secure your home, too.  Here are 5 items to include on your going-away checklist that will help protect your home against theft or damage.
  1. Shutter your home and invest in security.  Not only can a monitored security system with a posted sign help deter thieves, it may also qualify you for a discount on your home insurance.  Draw your curtains, secure all windows and doors, and make sure all locks function properly.  Install jams to sliding windows and doors and a safety bar on patio doors to help prevent access.  
  2. Trust a friend.  Always let your insurer know if you’re going away for extended periods of time.  Arrange to give a set of keys to a neighbour or family member who can visit your home regularly to make sure everything is in order while you’re away.  This will help your home look lived-in and ensure any emergencies are covered.
  3. Prevent water damage.  In most provinces, water is the leading cause of home damage.  Water damage is expensive and often difficult to eradicate.  Identify and address water issues early to keep them from getting worse.  Before travelling, turn off the main water supply valve to your plumbing system and drain any appliances that hold water.
  4. Unplug.  All electrical and electronic devices like computers, televisions and portable air conditioners should be unplugged in case a power surge occurs while you are away, which could damage your property.
  5. Maintain a record.  Create an inventory of your possessions.  Take pictures or videos of your valuable and always keep receipts.  These records may make it easier for police and your insurance company to track items should something be stolen during your absence.  
<![CDATA[Top Summer Home Improvement Tips]]>Mon, 31 Jul 2017 16:06:10 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/top-summer-home-improvement-tips                                               Top Summer Home Improvement Tips

    Summer is one of the best times to focus on outdoor home improvement projects that deliver the greatest return on your investment.  In order to receive the best bang for your buck, these are the 3 top recommended improvement tips by realtors:
  1. Build a deck or patio.  A new deck or patio is a great way to add a focal point to any backyard.  Not only do these structures add to a property’s visual appeal, but they also provide homeowners with the means to enjoy their outdoor living space to the fullest.  During the summer months, a patio is a great place to entertain guests, barbecue and enjoy leisure time with friends and family.  Whatever your motivation, a deck or patio will encourage you to get out and enjoy the summer, all while adding a healthy amount to your property’s bottom line.  
  2. Install a sprinkler system.  On average homeowners use 50 per cent more water than necessary on their lawns, adding to their monthly bills and causing their grounds to flood.  Automatic lawn sprinklers are an easy way to avoid this as they are designed with busy lifestyles in mind.  Although installation can be costly, you may save money in the long run.  
  3. Landscape your yard.  Landscaping is one of the best ways to add visual interest to your outdoor living space for a relatively small fee.  Whether you choose to garden or install a built-in fixture like a pond, beautifying your backyard is a great way to create an attractive and serene environment that builds your home’s equity.  
<![CDATA[5 Organization Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Twice as Big]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 22:50:26 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/5-organization-tricks-to-make-your-home-feel-twice-as-big                                 5 Organization Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Twice as Big

    Organizing your home is just a natural part of spring cleaning, but sometimes, you end up with odds and ends you are not sure where to keep, or how to sort.  Once you are done scrubbing and dusting, try out these tips to clear the clutter and help prevent a new mess from forming.
  1. Use kitchenware in unexpected places.  Bathroom and beauty supplies are often a hassle to organize, so think outside the box and use items you keep around the kitchen.  A tiered cake stand makes for a great, compact sorter of cotton ball jars, hair clips, creams and other odds and ends.  Meanwhile, cutlery organizers are perfect for arranging makeup and wine racks are ideal for storing hair products in tight spaces.  
  2. Label everything.  Get rid of bulky packaging in the kitchen, linen closet and your arts and crafts box by keeping everything in neat, stack-able containers.  Easily find what you are looking for by creating customizable labels.  
  3. Develop a spice rack strategy.  These versatile little jars have more uses than simply storing paprika.  Sort nuts and bolts in the garage; craft room; or rings and bobby pins at the vanity.  A spice rack is a great way to neatly store jewelry, nail polish, and books or magazines.
  4. Create picture-perfect frames.  Up-cycle old frames to declutter your mind and space.  Get rid of post-it notes everywhere by painting the glass on the old frames with chalkboard paint and use as a message board.   Or, remove the glass and put a cork board backing to tack up mail and grocery lists.  
  5. Choose minimalist furniture.  Furnishing your home with items that have simple lines and few nooks and crannies will ensure you are constantly editing what you own, donating or discarding things you no longer need, and only keeping what you use on a regular basis.  For example, try shelves instead of enclosed bookcases and a stool or planter for a nightstand.  
<![CDATA[How to Host a Successful Backyard Barbecue]]>Mon, 26 Jun 2017 15:57:28 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/how-to-host-a-successful-backyard-barbecue                                                 How to Host a Successful Backyard Barbecue
    Summer’s heating up and so should your grill.  It’s time to take the party outside and host a memorable get-together for friends and family.  Here are some tips to remember when planning your next barbecue:
  1. Plan Ahead.  Determine your menu and whether you might want to go potluck style.  This will help you decide what to make and what to buy, as well as what you can take care of in advance and what needs to be done the same day.  Pick main and side dishes that feature produce that’s in season.  Save the elaborate dishes for another time and have options that you know your guests will like.  
  2. Setup and Decor.  Keep it simple and functional for an effortless look and easy cleanup.  Opt for paper plates and plastic cutlery to save on the dishes.  Wrap sparkling water and punch pitchers in patterned paper to dress up bottles quickly.  Hang lights in your backyard to keep the party alive when the sun goes down.  The local dollar store has plenty of decorative items that won’t break the bank. Do not forget about the pesky bugs that love to come out in the evening.  Create the mood with citronella candles and oils that keep the party destroyers at bay.  
  3. Serve a Feast.  Keep dishes simple and serve buffet style.  This lets your guests try new things and help themselves to seconds.  Buffet style is also helpful if you’re serving kids who are picky eaters.
  4. Keep it Casual.  Whether it’s your invitation, location or what you’re wearing, make sure to create an atmosphere that you and your guests can completely relax in.
  5. Don’t Forget the Music.  Consider playing tunes that everyone knows and loves.  Usually, classic country, rhythm and blues and jazz work well as outdoor background music.  To save time, use free music streaming services that offer event-themed playlists.  
 These tips will help take away the stress of entertaining and allow us to enjoy the warm weather with great friends and family because that is what it is all about.  Have a wonderful summer!!

<![CDATA[Tips to Create a Backyard Oasis]]>Mon, 12 Jun 2017 16:15:35 GMThttp://tillo.ca/blog/tips-to-create-a-backyard-oasis                                                        Tips to Create a Backyard Oasis
    It’s the time of year we have been anxiously awaiting -- the snow has melted and we can finally enjoy outdoor spring temperatures.  As the once frozen ground starts to give way to new growth, the barren state of your garden is likely calling for some inspiration.  Follow these tips to create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of all winter.
    Develop a plan.  Any great renovation needs a plan.  Check out websites, blogs and magazines to find inspiration for the look you want to achieve.  There are many online tools and apps that exist as well.  Before you make any purchases, measure your space and create a blueprint design incorporating all the elements in your backyard.  From flower gardens to patio space, it’s easier to make changes on paper than when you are arm-deep in soil.
    Choose materials to make the most of your space.  Whether you are working with a small urban balcony or a sprawling suburban backyard, you want to choose the right materials to make the most of your space.  Landscape or balcony tiles, available at your local home improvement store, are easy to install and will make your backyard makeover both quick and sustainable.  
    Keep your garden blooming.  A beautiful garden is not complete without the addition of flowers and greenery.  Choose plants that thrive in your space, picking some for sunny and shady spots.  If the area is tight, consider creating a container garden using recycled rubber planters.  Adding recycled rubber mulch on top of the soil will help keep the roots moist.  Work with a gardening expert to find a fertilizer to keep your garden growing all season.